Taking care of a home is hard work. Cleaning the home everyday can be a full time job especially if there are children and pets in the home. Sometimes it seems no matter how hard a person works to clean their home nothing seems to matter. There are some tips to home cleaning that are simple to do and will help keep the home looking clean and tidy. A person will get their home as clean as a professional cleaning service can without having to pay the expensive price.

Many people put off cleaning their home as long as they can. It can be agreed that cleaning is not a very fun thing to do. Putting off even the small tasks will only make the home worse. Instead of spending a couple of minutes each day straightening up or dust a person will have to scrub and put a lot of effort into larger cleaning jobs. Doing a little bit each day will cut down the time a person spends cleaning and will keep the home looking spotless.

When cleaning the home it is best to start from the top of the house and go down to the bottom. This means if the home is two stories it is best to start on the second floor and go down to the lower level. This is recommended because all of the dust and other debris that is one the upper floor will fall down. If a person starts on the bottom floor they will be dragging the dust upstairs with them. They will have to clean it once again which makes a lot more work.

There should be some rules set in the home to help keep it clean. Food should only be eaten in the kitchen or the dining room. This will limit the rooms in the home that will be exposed to crumbs. Crumbs can attract bugs such as ants especially in the warmer months. Even in the kitchen the floor should be swept up every day to keep the bugs away as well.

It seems that windows and other glass surfaces can be streaky and does not look clean. Cleaning the windows and mirrors can be easy with just two simple tools. A person should invest in a microfiber cloth. This cloth will leave the windows and mirrors looking great. When the cloth is dry a person should use horizontal strokes to clean the surface. For some spots that are a little more stubborn and will not come clean the edge of the microfiber cloth can be wet with a little bit of water. A person again should wipe the surface with a horizontal stroke. The glass surface will then look clean and streak free.

Many people are looking to go greener and want to use fewer chemicals to clean their home. With small children around as well as pets people are looking for nontoxic options that will allow the home to be clean. There are many ways to get the home clean without having to use harsh cleaners.

To clean vinyl floors a person can dip a piece of cloth or cleaning rag into lemon juice. They then rub the cloth over the dirty area of area where there is a stain. This cleaning method can also be used on tile flooring. The floor will come clean and will have a fresh scent left behind. Lemon juice can also kill germs . For wood floors a person can also use a non toxic cleaning solution to move dusts and dirt. All a person has to do is mix one up of vinegar with 1 gallon of warm water. This mixture can then be used to mop the floors. There is no need to dry the floors, they will dry on their own. There is no residue left behind and the wood floors will be left looking shiny.

Furniture polish is one of the most toxic substances that can be used to clean the home. Polish is made from solvents and petroleum which both have a strong order and are highly toxic. There is a better option to clean and shine up furniture. A little bit of olive oil can be mixed with lemon juice. Using a soft rag a person can wipe down their wooden furniture with this mixture. It is good for the wood and will leave behind a pleasant smell.

Clutter can make an otherwise clean home look messy and unorganized. There are some things that a person can do to remove the clutter from their home and make it look cleaner. A large plastic storage tub with a fitted lid can be used to store seasonal clothing. Instead of putting them in bags or hiding them in the back of a close these tubs can be used to store the cloths neatly. This will reduce the wrinkles in the clothing. These tubs can also be stored in the attic or the basement and a person will not have to worry about bugs getting into them.

People often keep pens and pencils lying around the home. These items are needed but they can look messy lying around. A coffee mug can be used for easy storage. This way everything is in one place and can be found when needed.

Paperwork is something else that many people leave laying around. Bills, important documents, and other similar items should not be left just laying around. To organize this paperwork a fireproof box can be used. Important documents that are seldom used can be stored in the box and put in a closet or under a bed. Bills and other things that are used on a monthly basic can be stored in a manila envelope and kept in a draw for easy access.

These residential cleaning tips will allow a person to have a spotless home without spending endless hours a day cleaning and scrubbing. If a person follows these tips they will notice that their home is cleaner and well organized without spending their life cleaning and scrubbing.