Maintaining Cats? You Can Get These Healthy Benefits

Lovers of cats will be happier! According to one study, (although your furry friends often endanger furniture, clothing, and other items at home), cats contribute to the physical and mental health of their owners.
For a complete description, the following are various health benefits that you can get from raising cats, which are scientifically supported.


According to an Australian study published in the journal “Anthrozoös”, cat owners are reported to have better psychic health than people who do not have pets. Through the questionnaire, participants claimed to feel happier, more confident, reduced nervousness, slept better, focused, and better at facing problems in life.

Adopting a cat can also have a good impact on children. A survey of 2,200 children aged 11-15 in Scotland found that children who have a strong bond with their cats have a higher quality of life. The stronger the bond, then they feel fit, energetic, caring, and less often feel sad and lonely. The children were found to enjoy more time, both when they spent alone, free time, and when they were at school.

Not only has that, but even just watching a collection of funny cat videos on the internet also had a good impact. According to a study published in the journal “Computers in Human Behavior”, participants reported that they felt fewer negative emotions (such as anxiety, irritation, or sadness) and were more positive (more hopeful, happy, and satisfied).

Researchers also found that this pleasure (watching cat videos on the internet) can make participants feel guilty if it is done as a form of procrastinating work. However, seeing the behavior of a cat disturbing its owner or vice versa, being disturbed by its owner, can help you reduce fatigue and restore energy to continue the day.

Reduced stress

In a study in the journal “Psychosomatic Medicine”, researchers visited 120 couples in his residence to observe how they responded to stress at the same time whether their cats had a share. Regarding heart rate and blood pressure monitor, they are given a difficult task, one of which is holding ice water at 4 degrees Celsius for 2 minutes. They are placed in a room with a pet or partner, or both.

Before the test begins, cat owners have a resting heart rate and lower pressure than those who don’t have pets. Then, during tests the cat owners also have better results: they feel more challenged, not threatened, and (still) have a lower heart rate and blood pressure. They are also reported to be calmer and make fewer mistakes when their cats are present. In general, cat owners also recover psychologically faster.


This is what awaits, there is some evidence that cats contribute to your health. There are studies where researchers followed 4,435 people for 13 years. People who have cats in their past have a smaller chance of dying from heart attacks than people who don’t have cats. Even when taking into account other risk factors such as blood pressure, cholesterol, smoking, and body mass index.

In a different study published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Volume 84, one researcher, James Serpell of the University of Pennsylvania, United States (US), followed 24 people who had just adopted cats. They completed the survey within 1-2 days after bringing the adopted cat home and sometime within 10 months. Within a month, health problems such as headaches, back pain, and fever tend to decrease although it was observed that these benefits gradually disappeared over time.

Better relationships

For cat lovers, they care deeply about their cats and (believe that) they also care about you. People who have this kind of relationship will also benefit from their relationships with fellow human beings. For example, a study by the American Psychological Association published in the journal “Psychological Reports” found that cat owners are more socially sensitive, better able to trust others, and more able to like others than people who do not have pets.

“Positive feelings about cats and dogs can create positive feelings for others, and vice versa,” Rose Perrine and Hannah Osbourne of the University of Eastern Kentucky, USA, told Health line.

When someone both human and animal makes you feel positive and connected, this can encourage you to do well or be generous to others. Returning to the results of research on children in Skontlandia as mentioned earlier, children who have quality communication with their friends are found to be more attached to their cats. This possibility is because they (including their cats) often spend time together.

Said by a British researcher, Ferrean Marsa-Sambola, pets are a social catalyst. “That means, this can encourage social contact between people with one another. Pets can accept their owners as they are, caring, consistent, loyal, and honest — characters that can fulfill a person’s basic needs to feel valued and loved.

After knowing the various health benefits for the body from the soul of raising cats, are you tempted to share the love by adopting a (or several) cats? Although further research is needed, there is nothing wrong in enlivening and warming the atmosphere of the house with the presence of “furry friend”, especially if this can make your life (more) healthy and happy. Even so, be sure to always care for your health and hygiene properly.